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Advice please, DSC not available

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Afternoon all, driving home from work and i got a crunching noise from the front drivers side, i pulled over and i now have an amber warning light and the message DSC not available, any thoughts please, 02, 3.0 V6.

Thanks Tony
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Hi Tony, it will either be the sensor that has been destroyed or the reluctor ring the sensor reads from is damaged. Look at the wheel you heard the noise from first.
Cheers, got the wheel off, all looks ok? All wires are connected as they should be... i think
The reluctor ring maybe on the inside of the hub, as you heard a crunching noise you will need to check that also.
this is the only sensor i can see in the wheel area.

i pulled the sensor out and gave it a clean, all looks ok... but now i am getting more warning lights and messages.

DSC not available, ABS not working and the engine warning light has also come on, not a happy chappy as i have just replaced all four reversing sensors, had the impact sensor replaced, auto wipe sensor replaced, wiper stalk replaced.... no most definitely not happy.

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That many different warnings would make me check the battery voltage first. It could be down enough to trigger the faults.
Wouldn't know how to check it, need to find someone with a code reader i think, i refuse to pay £50 for a diagnostic check.
Let me know the number of your house only Tony and I'll try and get some time for you tomorrow afternoon, if you're in that is. I'll bring my code reader also.
Cheers Jim, house number 12, i will be home by 3pm.
I'll come round about 3:30pm.:mrgreen:
I'll come round about 3:30pm.:mrgreen:
How did you get on chaps?

All lights cleared except engine managment light, battery put on trickle charge over night, unfortunately within five feet of getting off the drive all warning lights back on.
So going to change both front hubs, will do the discs and pads at the same time, would be daft not too, then see what happens
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