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After drop link replacement - steering not straight

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I have an x-type 2.5 sport. I had one of the drop links replace up front (I think n/s) under the dealers warrantly about a week ago, and I've notice the steering is no longer straight - the wheel is probably at an angle of 5 degrees or so when travelling in a straight line.

Now, I know I should just take it back to the dealer, but I cannot explain enough what a massive pain they are to deal with (not a Jag deal but a very over stretched Citroen dealer where I bought the car). If it is something simple I can get adjusted elsewhere I'd rather do that!

It went straight in for a service the following day - so I had the alignment check and all good - tyre pressures are all the same so that is me all out of idea's (I wouldn't have many!)


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The steering will usually pull according to road camber, more often than not in the UK it will learn to the left slightly on normal camber roads.

I wouldn't have though the droplink would effect the steering to such a degree, what's likely is it's been tracked up by a muppet and the rack isn't centrised or you may have another issue effecting your steering, like a worn wishbone bush, worn tie rod ball joint etc.

You don't mention the car pulling one way, just the steering wheel canted, if so I'd hazzard it's just misaligned.

The misalignment happened to mine when I wasn't looking at what they were doing, someone tracked it up without locking the steering wheel off straight ahead, so even though the road wheels tracked true, the steering wheel was off centre.

You could take it back in or a reputable tyre dealer than knows how to track properly.
I had a power steering specialist sort it out like below.

Ask them to check if the steering wheel and rack are set centralised,
i.e. the same amount of rack hangs out each side with the steering wheel in the straight ahead.
(in case the steering wheel has been off and not put on straight or the rack/subframe has been off, if so the steering wheel or the rack and pinion need resetting.)

And if ok, get it aligned with the steering locked in the straight ahead.
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Thanks - this makes sense, it is pulling one way or another, it is just off centre. I'll take to a tyre dealer as you suggest.... hopefully this is all it is.
The drop link will not cause the misalignment, it is only a link between shocky and anti-roll bar.
I had this problem with mine, I changed the lower ball joint on the R/H wishbone.
I didn't like it as my steering wheel ended up from being straight to a 5 degree
slant. I changed both the wishbones and the steering wheel has now gone back to
centre. I guess after drilling out the rivets it does not matter how carefull you are lining
up the new ball joint its always going to knock the steering off centre.

I doubt a droplink could cause this, but as it was the last thing changed I would be
inclined to change the other for piece of mind as it most likely on its way out anyway.
Timjag, when replacing a ball joint, either wishbone or track rod end or even fitting new bush to wishbone the car should be taken in to have the tracking done as it is a major part of the steering geometery that has been altered, even if it look's ok.
This is true, but on changing the wishbones the steering returned to normal, I have the two droplinks and ARB bushes
to change as well soon so will change them and then of too have tracking and steering geometery checked.

Just an observation that I found as per the orginal post.
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