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air-bag warning light on

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Hi all,
I have just got my first Jaguar X-Type and love it, just got two small “I hope” problems. My airbag warning light is on; also my engine management light is on too.
A friend has got a code reader and he said it is one of the seat belts pretension has broken, he also said that’s why the airbag warning light is on and because that light is on it has put the engine management light on too...

Any ideas, could the engine management light be on because of the airbag warning light?

I love my Jaguar and want to get to the bottom of this problem.

Just one more question, if the engine management light is does this mean that the Jaguar will go into limp home mode? The car drives fine by the way.

Kind regards,
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The airbag (SRS) warning could possibly be the connector under the seat for seat belt pre-tensioner.
The connections in the block connector start to play up, it's usually the drivers seat as it's the one most often adjusted back and forth.
My other car does it, move the seat with the ignition on and it lights the warning lamp.

The SRS light usually won't self clear, so it's trial and error turning the light off, fiddling this the connector in hope it won't come back on!

French Car Forum • View topic - How To: Seatbelt Pre-Tensioner Connector Repair

I'm not sure the SRS system does, can or will light the engine management light, did you friend not try turning this and the SRS one off??
If it is a pretensioner it will light the MIL. On switching on, the airbag light should also flash a code sequence: Light on for 6 seconds, off for 2 secs, then flash 3 times, 0.5 secs each, then off for 1 sec, then flash 4 times for Code 34. This is repeated 5 times, then the light stays on untill ignition turned off.

34 for the passenger side, 33 for the driver's side. There are other restraint system faults that will light the MIL but they have different flashing codes.

It will not go into limp mode, but it will fail the MOT!!
Hi there,

It does seem to flash on and off then stay on... I will check the code sequence in the morning.
Because the MIL light is on would this put the engine into limp home mode any-time or would it still drive ok?

Kind regards,
Just read all of the message...

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