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Air con Problem !

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Hi i apologise in advance as im not to technical but would appreciate some advice !
Recently got a 2.5 Xtype 51 plate has been fantastic however thought air con wasnt working properly !
Thought it just needed re gassing called out a mobile guy who re gasses for 35 quid , as now the sun is out !
He had a french regassing machine which did a diagnistic check first which said there were no leaks but gas was very low ! he proceeded to re gas, however it got to a certain point and he said the car wasnt taking it , the unit he had had a vacum which he said he would run suck all the gas out and he said would suck moisture and any possibe blockage ( his words ) after completing its cycle he attempted to re gas ( if i get this bit wrong i apologise ) he said the car was only taking 2.5 (bar ) he showed me on the machines digital read out , he and i could hear the pump cutting in as he got me to rev engine to 1500 revs (to suck the gas in to the system quicker he said) and pump was working. He said he thinks its a part under the drivers side wheel arch that need replacing ( 40 quid he thinks the part is) so i have agreed for him to order it and fit it next week total charge incuding re gasing will be 80 to 90 quid.
Does everything he says make sense and is that reasonable ??
thanks in advance
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It could be the aircon pressure sensor, I had this fail on my 2001 2.5 X type.The compressor would only run for a few seconds and then cut out.

If it is this you have got yourself a good guy as at the time of my problem even Jaguar didn't come up with the correct solution

Hope it works out the price for part sounds about right, it took an indie many hours to find it on mine


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Is there any way of testing this? My air con too is rubbish - been regassed, but they didn't say anything about pressure... Main stealer suggested it may be compressor. I'd rather replace the sensor than the compressor, but would obviously prefer to test the offending articles first.
HI grazzzz

Ive no idea where your located but please check out my link to air-con direct in Kent within jaguar forum

or just give john a call he always seems to have the ans your looking for

hope this helps

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Ive no idea where your located but please check out my link to air-con direct in Kent within jaguar forum
Check out their site It has a list of other A/C repair guys around the country.

It has a stack of A/ c info for all that are interested in the subject.

I am another very satisfied, out of their mobile area, customer, who was happy to go to their home for the work to be done at very reasonable costs.
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