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Air Con Question

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I had my air con regassed today and altho' no leaks were found my air con runs hot at the hi end and does drop as you lower the temp gauge but only down to a warm/cool level when set on cold. I have now checked the fuses and relays but al seem fine. So any ideas guys? please
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With the A/C switched OFF but the control set to cold/low do you still get warmish air out of the vents? If so the DCCV may not be closing fully. You should get the same temp' as the outside air when the A/C is off and set to cold or low.
thanks for the reply 12RM...just tried what you said there...if i switch the air con of on touch screen there is no flow of air but if i turn the air con button off it has the climate on on the screen then yes i do get out side temp blowing in.....if i am doing this right what is the DCCV and do you know how i should be fixing it?
If your getting the ambient outside air blowing in without any heat that looks good. The A/C should therefore be able to chill that but you have said that your still getting warm air. Are you sure you are only getting cool outside air when the A/C is off?
With the A/C off you should still have full control over hot (heat from the coolant) and "cold" (ambient outside temp) air into the car without any heating effect from the hot coolant.
Do not confuse the A/C and getting cool (outside air) into the car. I rarely use the A/C in my cars as I work in an A/C environment for long periods. I only use the car A/C when I have to for cooling on hot days and demisting when damp. I do turn it on at least once a week though.

The DCCV controls the flow of coolant to the heater and should close the valves when heat is not required to the cabin depending on how the controls are set.

This subject and variations on it have been covered many times.
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Thanks I am going to check the connections first
Be aware that the later cars can suffer from corroded wiring looms which can cause all sorts of problems. A/C and being unable to control heat are some of them.
Something else i have noticed is that when i have switched off and just sit after a minet or two you can heard clicks and faint thuds from behind the center dash ie behind the toutch screen, it lasts around 2-3 mins. as if the heater vents are trying to close down....could this be something to do with my aircon not working?

thanks for help up to now:)
I had codes read last night and with regards to the air con I have

U0164 Lost communication with heating ventilation control module

P0533 Aircon pressure sensor (circuit input)

then I have P010F Mas air flow meter A/B correlation

P0299 Turbo Underboost

Any suggestions and the likely costs involed please would be appreciated


Also when I first go to start the car I some times hace DSC not available but if I turn off and restart It goes (this did not show on code reader)
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