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Air Con Relay

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I'm the proud new owner of an manual 2002 2.5L x-type sport which i bought yesterday. I've just been going over it and sorting out some little easy win issues, and now I've come up against one that's stumped me so hopefully someone can help.

When i bought it the seller told me that the Air con was in need of a re-charge and that explained it iffy performance. I bought one of the DIY re-charge kits which i tried but the gauge said the pressure was at the higher end of the range.

On further investigation the compressor clutch is not engaging (which probably explains the high reading as it's taken on the low pressure side, which wont be low anything without the compressor running). Checked all the fuses which seem ok but the problem seems to be the relay (no 6)

The switched side of the relay wont engage when the AC is turned on. I took the top off, and when i manually make the switch the compressor clutch operates well enough, so the problem is prior to that. I tried one of the other 20A relays in it's place but that made no difference, and the original seems OK when checked with a multimeter, so i don't think it's the actual relay. Also the AC light on the switch comes on.

Anyone got any ideas
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i have the same problem but have not had any replys on here so good luck and ill keep checking to see if you find the answer
I would take it to a aircon specialist to diagnose what the problem is, at least then you will have an idea of what may be wrong it could be the aircon module or a sensor, you could be running around changing all sorts with out the correct knowledge
Hi Guys

Had a similar problem on my 2001 2.5SE turned out to be a faulty pressure sensor which is behind the driver side front inner wheel arch liner

It is a schrader srewin valve type.

Worth a try not dear or even from a breaker

Thanks for the input, I've had a look for the pressure sensor and found it, so ordered another one of those. What i did find was that the wheel arch liner had been broken in to about 5 pieces and then tie-wrapped back together in a particularly flimsy way,that got me thinking that whatever caused that may have damaged the pipes and caused a leak. I released the valve and there was some pressure in there, so I'm assuming not.

Hopefully the new sensor sorts it but if not I'll probably be back for more ideas.

Comment about taking it to a specialist is noted, but i'd prefer to check any reasonably easy things first. Also from reading on here what the cause of the oily smell I'm getting through the vents may be, i think i may need to save my money in case that turns out badly
New sensor fitted and the compressor now engages, filled it with the DIY kit and its working a treat, on full cooling it was dropping the temp from 16 outside to cycling between 2-4 through the vents. Cheers Martyn.
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