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aircon problem

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i had the mobile ac man out today to recharge my system an i was not getting any cold air been like this since i got it 6 months ago he checked for leaks and drained the system then when refilling with new gas noticed it was realy slow and that the clutch was not engaging he checked the fuses and relay but to no avail the clutch moves freely and the compressor spins on the belt when engine running but cant get the clutch to engage he stopped filling and said he could not go on untill the clutch engages and pulls in the gas any ideas on what this could be does the system have to be full for the clutch to engage can i do anything to test like short out to make it work i do i need to replace the compressor all help appreciated
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HI martyn812

Ive no idea where your located but please check out my link to air-con direct in Kent within jaguar forum


or just give john a call he always seems to have the ans your looking for
as he`s been in the trade for years

hope this helps


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thanks for reply but i need to check if the compressor clutch is working
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