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Amber and red warning triangles

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Hi Guys.

My XKR has arrived!!! Is all in one piece and well worth the wait.
I do have 3 warning lights that are on now that were not before. I had an AA check done in the UK and all was good.
To give you background info.
On its travel here, the battery went flat. Took 6wks to get here. Even when it was started with a battery pack and left running. The battery would not hold a charge.
I put in a new battery today but noticed 3 things.
The amber airbag light stays on.
The amber and red triangle in the msg center also stays on.
I read on here that the red triangle is the pedestrian warning system. I cleared it on the touch screen but it sometimes comes back.
I spoke to Jaguar today and they say that because the battery was so dead, it may need error codes to be removed.
Wanted to get your opinions before i go to the dealers. I never have a good experience with dealers.....cheers.
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I had that trouble a couple of times as I rarely use the car and the battery gets flat. The airbag error code can only be removed by the dealer but last time they told me that there was a software update which could help the problem.
Hi All. Car is in the garage having a diagnostic to clear the fault codes.
The journey to the garage was the first trip with a new battery and more than a quick trip up the road, since it arrived from UK.
Well the red warning triangle i was able to clear via the screen. Someone on here posted how to do this in another thread...thanks. It has not come back on since.
The amber triangle. I think i know what that is. This has also cleared. When the car was prepared for shipping it had to have no more than quarter tank of fuel. Well when it arrived the digi fuel gauge was red and not registering anything. On the way to town i filled up, started the car .....amber triangle gone. I reckon the amber triangle is basically saying. "Look you nut job. I am running on fumes here....FILL UP!!"
All i can say the amber triangle has not come on since.
As for the amber airbag warning. Hopefully that can be cleared today.
Will let you know how it goes.....cheers
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Good luck - and enjoy the new toy... let us know how you get on. What's the driving like in your part of the world? The tourist ads paint a picture of sweeping mountain passes and stunning scenery..... if so - you're in for fun!
Update on diagnostic check....All cleared! No more warning lights. Its weird what a dead battery and booster starts can do.
South island has the quieter roads, less people. Although they're not that busy here really. I take it in to be registered for NZ roads on Monday. Fingers crossed all goes well :)
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