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Nov 10, 2021
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As you all know by now having worked for the NHS for 30 years, you can't even imagine how many changes we all had to go through as a department, from authority, to trust to trust to merger to spits to mergers to social enterprises the list is endless. Then there was the changes in policies, SOP, IT. computer systems, etc., etc. etc.

I really, really am an old-fashioned girl at heart, I don't like change and I do like to stick with what I know, but if you want to survive in the ever-changing world that is the NHS you CANNOT fight it and win. I learnt this very early on and while discussion is there on the table, I am all for it and will be a pro-active participant. However, when one reaches that 'brick wall', metaphorically speaking, further pursuit is not only futile, it is also potentially self-damaging and therefore, I have learnt to embrace change as best I can and encourage and help colleagues to do the same. As the sooner you accept it, the sooner you can move on and allow it to become second nature and 'normalised' as though the change never happened.

I also was fully aware that as hard as it was for staff to accept 'change' management had to accept and become au fait with the said change first if not develop it, prior to cascading it down to us lot - no mean feat by any stretch of the imagination.

The changes here can feel awkward, clumsy, irritating etc. and like I have just said in another thread, it’s a bit like going to the supermarket, where they have moved everything around – very frustrating. But there again, this could be a good thing is it makes you notice things you haven't seen before or for a long time, which you may actually enjoy taking a look at. Furthermore, it really doesn’t take too long to find you way around and pinpoint the items you especially like.

So to this end, I would say many thanks for all the thought and terrific work that has gone into improving the forum, which is for the benefit of all its members and guests. I for one greatly appreciate what I can only imagine has taken phenomenal amount of man hours to achieve, when I think of the time I spend on one little post – so I thank you – most sincerely!
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