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So I purchased my 2005 X-Type recently it has 120k miles,3.0 and best of all I got it for a "Great Buy", I've looked all over on multiple sites for something similar to my problem and I've found nothing!

In the morning car starts up just fine,Runs great no hiccup or misfire untill it warms up .after reaching full temp it starts sputtering arround and jerking on acceleration . Also have a misfire in cylinder 5 and 6 , Random misfire,fuel trim lean codes.

So far I have replace 1 coil, IMT/control valve gaskets, upper and lower manifold Intake gaskets( 2 times actaully),New Plugs,Cleaned Maf sensor ,cleaned throttle body and searched up and down for vacuum leaks

1.When i replaced the coil ran great! For 10 seconds, went around the corner and it bogged down.
2.if I push down hard on the accelerator the car "dives" and the rpms shoot up and misfires rapidly with a flashing check engine light
3. I can coast at 65-70 mph on the highway without a problem or hiccup as long as I don't attempt to gain speed.
4. When warm misfire is only when gaining speed and at idle

Map sensor unplugged= no change
Maf sensor unugged= change for a few seconds then back to light misfire at idle

Sorry my post is a disaster hope someone can help point me in the right direction, every mechanic in my area is guessing on what to try next....
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