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any opinions?

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Front bake discs, S type diesel.
I think mine are ready for replacing, I've just done a quick run from Dewsbury to Dover and back and when braking from speed :)p) I could feel a bit of juddering/vibration.
So, new discs and pads are on the "jobs to do" list.
All opinions welcome.
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Vibration/juddering is normally warped discs. How long have they been on for? If ages then new discs + pads but if they're relatively new I'd be sure to inspect the calipers to make sure they're not sticking.
Suffering from exactly the same symptoms in mine Victor, just bought some front discs and its next on the to-do list
yep, looks like warped front disc's, had the same problem with mine (noticed when cruising down A55 to llandudno) braking at speed to slowing traffic (disc's are warm).
Replaced front disc's and pads on my STR, all OK.
Thanks, warped discs were my first thought, I can't complain, they've been on since new (2004).
I'll get a couple of bottles of French red wine (labour charge) and fire my tame mechanic up .......(eldest lad).:cool:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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