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Anyone had contact with JEC France?

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As I live in France... I'm a bit wary. As a rule, the French try terribly hard to make such clubs awfully exclusive and snobbish, in order firstly to make themselves feel they have some standing and then to keep the hoi-polloi and the unwashed out. As I'm only moderately well-washed and don't earn a fortune or drive in the latest XJ, I'm somewhat hesitant!

So - has anybody had any contact with them?
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Hmmm. I wouldn't be able to tell you what they are like, but you could do worse than join up and find out. If it's a crock of sh1te then dont bother the next time. If on the other hand they are genuine car enthusiasts then you would be amongst friends. :)
Hi n****i,
Also live in France, in Poitou Charante 79110 I would be interested when you find out any details out. If I hear of any I'll do the same... Cheers Phil.
Looks like I'm to be the guinea pig! OK, here goes...

If nothing else, there's the mag from the UK which is apparently very good, and the radiator grille badge is rather sexy!
Also live in France, in Poitou Charante 79110
Nice area! We used to have a little house in 24 near Douzillac. May be passing through that way in July on my way down to Spain.
OK. When is the next meeting in France?
Just give me plenty of notice, so that I may drive there!

I drove last September to Marseilles (needless to say I lost count of the number of drivers that were looking at the car...) and just been back from Paris (by car always!)
If you are passing give us some notice and you are more than welcome to pop in for lunch, coffee or something.
Phil - Thanks for the offer! May well drop in for a cuppa, you never know!

I_MNL - If and when I do find out anything about JEC France and their activities, I'll post it up - I'm sure they'd be thrilled to bits to have visitors from the UK.

In any case, as I'm over in August, joining the JEC isn't silly. If by mischance something does go wrong with the car - it shouldn't, but still - it might come in handy.
Hi n****i,

Can't answer your direct question but have had some experience of meeting classic ("collectables") peeps, all of whom were just regular enthusiasts.
I live near Cognac (tho am spending 3/4 of my time in Ireland on a project, at the mo, unfortunately).
I met a Classic Group in a nearby village last summer. They told me that they meet about once a month during the summer months and arrange to drive to some nice little town, bring a picnic and just do what all classic owners do - talk about cars! They invited me to join as I have an '84 Sovereign III.
I haven't done so yet, but intend to.

All not much help, but my suggestion would be just join a local group.

BTW, do you know anyone who'd like a really good, low mileage Sovereign III ..?
I want to sell the one I have as I'm getting a 1999 X308 Daimler and just can't keep both.

Good luck
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There isn't a local group! The only car I've seen with any kind of badge on was from the French JDC - twice the price, no web forum, etc, etc. Definite no-no. Jags are pretty rare in France, anyway - I only know of three in my immediate area, and that includes mine!

Now if I had a decent garage to put your Sovereign in...
The JEC magazine has a list of all of the regions in it and will give contact details.

I know quite a few Jaguar owners in France already. I go there quite a lot on business now. In fact we will be over there at the end of June in the Loire region in the new Jaguar. :)
Ah ... didn't realise no local group.
The group I met last year had no particular marque affiliation - just a group of folks who have a variety of collectables who like socialising and getting together to eat, drink and talk cars! There was one Sov II owner who was a very nice chap and was delighted to meet another Sovereign owner.
I'm going to try hook up with them this year (in Ireland at the mo, heading back out in two weeks time).

Good luck

Twojags, if that's your wife on the bonnet of your car - and even if it isn't - then feel free to drop in for a glass or two of best whatever there is to hand as you go past! Half-way between Paris and Orleans.

Logis, let us know how it goes! I'm even wondering, looking at the number of people who are back and forth across the Channel, if there isn't a need for a "I'm touring here" section on the forum, where we could let each other know where we're going so that if anybody else is also there or has got any recommendations of things to do or see...
Hi n****i,

I'd support your suggestion - our home is outside Cognac ... we tend to drive up Niort, Nantes, to either Cherbourg or Caen, or sometimes to Roscoff for ferry to Ireland.

n****i and Logis,

I also would be interested in the suggestion, Logis I live about 25K south of Niort. We usually take N10, A10, A28 to Le Havre. I wonder how many others are around us. We probably could make quite a network between us. Anybody else out there?
Hi Philly569,

You're about 45 mins north, therefore.
I'm a few kms s/west of Cognac ... generally tend to go up to St Jean d'Angely to pick up the A10 ... alt, pick up at Saintes.
Mebbe meet up some time - tho my Sovereign is not taxed or MoTd at the mo.
Am investigating the poss of putting on French reg.

I wouldn't if I were you - you'll be LEGALLY OBLIGED to put that horrid EU flag band on it. I've blanked it out on mine and wish I could get it onto a UK registration!

You should be able to get a French MOT regardless of the registration number - a mate of mine had his Italian registered BMW MOT'd and insured in France.
Phil, what was the French Jag forum you were on, that you mentioned in another thread? The only one I know is here:

FORUM Jaguar - FORUM Marques

There may be others!
I wouldn't if I were you - you'll be LEGALLY OBLIGED to put that horrid EU flag band on it. I've blanked it out on mine and wish I could get it onto a UK registration!

You should be able to get a French MOT regardless of the registration number - a mate of mine had his Italian registered BMW MOT'd and insured in France.
You can only do as your mate did on a temporary basis. You only have 1 month from starting to live in France to re-register your vehicle.
Here is a link explaining the procedure; FAQ - Importing and registering your UK car to France - France Forum

Hope that helps a bit.

Regards. Les.
'Pays de la Loire'.
Admittedly, as mates go, he didn't always have the greatest respect for the very letter of the law - and I think he had found a way to get around that one somehow. Shame though to put a good car on a French plate - just doesn't look right.
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