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Anyone know of a good alloy wheel touch up paint for an XF?

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Hi All

I recently had one of my wheels refurbed by a specialist who did a great job. However, even though I still don't know how it happened I have scratched/kerbed two others. So I have decided that scratching alloys is just an inevitable part of driving, at least for me, and so I am planning to repair/touch-up these myself and then if and when I get a few more scrapes I will have the wheels properly repaired. So I am looking for a good touch-up paint for my XF alloys, anyone here know of any good ones?
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I got some from ebay, the thing is, jaguar wheels are a very sparkly silver and unlike most touch ups available. Just tap in " jaguar wheel touch up " on ebay, I got mine for less than £10 ish but well worth the extra money as a very good colour match.The secret is to not brush it on but to dab it on so that the sparkly bits are more evenly distributed.
You can also get a thick filler primer that helps to fill small gauges as well.

Just found it again, click on the link

Roviw, thanks a lot for your suggestion which I will probably go for.

In the meantime I was wondering if Jaguar make a touch up paint for their alloy wheels, anyone know?

Also, I have seen Planet Polish's alloy touch up kit for £3.95 but it is probably not a good colour match unless anyone here advises otherwise.
jaguar wheels are a very sparkly silver and unlike most touch ups available
That depends on the wheel, silver is the hardest colour to match even one batch can differ to another.Even buying the touch up from Jag the colour will be different as different batch of paint and different number of layers of basecoat and lacquer etc all affecting finished colour.
I was going to refurb mine (did them all for £30 when I had my 17" X Type wheels and posted the how to guide) but there is a new Alloy Refurber just opened near me £30 to do a 20" wheel (including removing and reftting tyre and rebalancing) and the quality looks fantastic so no need to get hands dirty!Buying a Jag touch up pen and touch up lacquer would cost as much
BuckMR2, wow that is cheap. I wish I could find a refurb in Hertfordshire that did wheels at that price. In the meantime I have got a touch up stick from Jaguar which cost £15 and the colour match is perfect. The best option is of course to have the wheels refurbed but my current plan is to use the touch up stick and then maybe once a year to have the wheels refurbed properly. I also figure that as I become more conscious of not scraping the wheels it will happen a lot less; I didn't care too much on my previous cars.
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