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Arden Exhaust Report

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Like others, I felt that the stock exhaust was not quite loud enough. Firstly the insulation on the car is too good, so couldn't really hear it with windows closed. Secondly, I don't spend the day thrashing around at WOT and high rpm for the valves to open. So I started looking for an alternative.

Eventually I decided to try the Arden unit ( Just went for the muffler, and not the whole system.

Quality & Service: Decent construction quality, and arrived all nicely wrapped up and free of scratches etc. Fairly fuss-free transaction and communication (bear in mind, I am in Singapore).

Fit: Regrettably, the fit was not good. The step down-up adaptors did not fit properly, and we had to cut and modify them to get them on. After installation, the exhausts did not sit uniformly in the centre of the exhaust cut-outs in the rear bumper, no matter how much adjustments made. This applies both to lateral fit, as well as 'depth' (one side sticks out more than the other).

Result: It's loud.'s f***king mind-bendingly stupidly LOUD! Idle is very loud, and at WOT above 3,500rpm, you can hear it a few blocks away. The popping on overrun is _significantly_ louder, and I hear it much more often. In fact, its pops regularly even when just cruising, and coming off light throttle.

Loudness aside, it is really an awesome epic sound. Seriously and unequivocally cool. If it's just me on the road, out away from civilization, it's fine.
But in truth, for daily use, it borders on obnoxious for most of the time. And it attracts waaay too much attention from pedestrians and other road users alike.

Chances are I will be taking it off, and instead will modify the stock exhausts to remove the valves. That midway point seems like the logical path for daily use.

I have a video of the first start-up after installation. It's about 15mb. I don't know how to post it, so if you want to see it, drop me a message. Or teach me how to post it :)

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Oh, also wanted to add that there is a fairly prominent resonance when accelerating through 2000rpm which takes some getting used to.

My Spires exhaust also had some resonance to start with but that seems to have gone. It is also a bit softer now it has some deposits in it. If you are ever in sunny Sussex give me a shout and come and compare it. It also cracks and pops all the time but by the sound of things not as loud as yours!!!
Been there and done that with a Spires exhaust, resonance at 2,000rpm but a very likable noise. Also loud enough to get thrown of a trackday recently of 98 dbs!
Tobie H sounds like you are quite near to me. Have you had a dyno run run done?
I had two done, one in Littlehampton and then one a DMS automotive in Southampton. Both readings were calculated at the fly wheel. The first 540bhp and the second 589bhp. The torque was associated 480 and 500 foot pounds.
49 bhp is quite a difference between the two runs. Did you have anything done to the car between runs?
I have been thinking about some kind of new exhaust for my XFR as I agree the standard one is a little muted. I am a little wary of aftermarket exhausts though, put an Adamesh one on my STR and it was too loud. A little too late at that point!

I wouldnt buy any exhaust without having heard it on the actual car first but I am guessing that is probably hard to do!

Is there any way of making the standard exhaust sound any better?
I too looked at the Arden when thinking of swapping mine out. The soundtrack though was too loud for normal running, although prefferable to the standard R exhaust. I opted for the Spires exhaust as these boys only work on Jag's, the results were brilliant and even on normal running much, much better, and even gets overun. When opened up its a brilliant sound and can scare old ladies. Service from the boys at Spires is awesome and now had mine almost 12-months without any issues at all. Highly recommended
Would love a new exhaust but impossible for me if I cant near one first. If you decide you dont like it once its done then your a bit knackered!!
You are more than welcome to come and have a go in mine if you are ever in the Sussex area
Thanks for the offer, I appreciate it!

You could always do a quick video and upload it to youtube!

You are more than welcome to come and have a go in mine if you are ever in the Sussex area
It would just not sound the same. My phone is on the way out anyway until I get time to change it so not able to do a video anyway. I really do like the Spires system. As doc333 says, it is very good and for me seems to work very well with the remap.
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