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ATF Which one to use?

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Help please, just parked my car after being out in it, reversed into parking space then tried to pull forward but nothing happened engine rev'ed up when accelerator pressed.
Works ok in reverse.!!??
Tried selecting 2nd 3rd 4th manually but still wont drive???


Been told it could be low transmission fluid, (but there are no leaks.)

If so what make and spec. of oil should be used

thanks in advance.
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Recommended fluids: Esso LT 71141; Shell ATF 3403 M115; Shell M1375.4; MERCON V XT-5-QM ATF

Any of those will do fine.
Hi Ian D,
Thankyou for your reply,
I have also been told that x type auto boxes are sealed for life?
and that I shouldn't change the oil?

Have you ever come accross my problem of car will go in reverse like normal, but in DRIVE I can only do 5 MPH, with engine revs at 4000 RPM.

The problem with the standard Jag Auto gear oil (Shell M1375.4) is its MINERAL not synthetic so degrades
I see listed above is Shell 1375.4 same as specified for my XJ autobox
After looking for alternatives due to not wanting to spend £240 on oil alone from Jag I bought some Millers ATF DM after numerous emails back and forth to their boffins to ensure it was suitable and its synthetic so wont degrade as quickly
Total cost for 11 ltrs (2 x 5 ltr and a 1 x 1 ltr =£11 odd delivered...dont ask ;-))
Now just need somwhere that can pull ALL the old oil out of the torque convertor/box and put the Millers in and the new sump/filter I bought
Thanks for the info BuckMR2

Well it won't do any harm if you change the gearbox oil, there is a specific method to do this though, car must be level and at a certain temp with the ATF in the box. Never believe in this sealed for life nonsense, more like sealed for period of warranty!
Auto transmissions do break - mechanically! I cannot recall if there is a 'conventional sump' for your box, but, if I was presented with your car in this condition, I would be dropping the sump, expecting to see metal fragments lying at the bottom. Sorry, no good or hopeful news from me!
I agree with Radnorman, I think this is more than just low oil level (unless you've got a leak). Did this just happen overnight or has it been gradually getting worse over time?
Thanks Radnorman, and Topanga for your replys,yes just suddenly happened,stopped the car reversed into parking space went to pull forward but nothing happened. Only moves forward very slowly 5MPH max at 4000RPM.
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