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Auxiliary Power Sockets

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Hi Guys,

I know this subject has been covered about a hundred times, but can
anybody who has fitted the FRONT and REAR Auxiliary Power Sockets
using the plugs behind the glove compartment and CD changer tell me
if they are connected PERMANENT LIVE or they are on the switched
side of the ignition, like the cigarette lighter.

Will hopefully get round to fitting mine this weekend.

- Steve.
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Both are permanent live (if you use the official Jag kit). The one in the glovebox has the capability to be switched live, but you need to use a different wire and add a relay.

I recently explored the possibility of fitted a power socket to the rear connector in the boot. However the boot plug appears not to have a power supply, am I missing something as I assumed power would already be present? I have checked various fuses as listed on other threads but with no luck. Does anyone know if there a relay that needs to be fitted and if so where and what type?

I had the dealer fit mine when new in the boot nd it is on a permanent live feed.
I fitted one to my X Type some years back and posted pics
The power supply is cable-tied to the RH side wall (inner quarter panel) behind the carpet near the elastic strap (and light IIR unless I had the light moved there when my sub was fitted??)
Its a permanent live but I connected an inline power saver to cut power if battery voltage dropped too low
Also fitted same kit in my XJ
Unfortunately the pdf with the fitting instructions and pics is too large to attach here but if you PM me your email I will send it to you
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Have a look at the above thread as well. It helped me figure things out when I fitted the towbar and dedicated Jaguar electrics.

Thanks for ALL your replies - your advice should
make my installation requirements quicker and easier.

- Steve.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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