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back bumper bracket gone at one side

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If nothing else this car is a challenge !!!!

Scorching morning here in Perthshire, doesn't happen often. Washed the XK8, to get it looking it's best for a few hours top down cruising and while I am sponging the rear end the back bumper parts company at the near side.

The bracket was no more than dust !!!

I got it rigged back up with a bit of trickery, so I still got out.

Brit parts are advertising replacement brackets for £38 each. Anyone done this before, is there anything to look out for ?

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Common issue, do both sides. Supposed to be quite easy job but it may be handy to have an extra set of hands for removal and re fit.
Thanks P700DEE

Yeah my intention would be to do both.

I have looked at the bracket on Britparts page and what I am seeing seems to be the bracket which the bumper connects to, but I think its the linkage between the body part and the bracket that has gone.

Also I assume that I will have to buy and replace the plastic fasteners that probably hold it together, but I am struggling to find out what they are and how many. Looks like I will have to take it out then assess what I need to put it back, which is just a time killer.

I did this recently. Some photos here that might help.
Finally got to this over the last couple of days and every bone in my body is aching after getting under and out this car a thousand times.

Firstly the rear brackets were not the main problem, the real issue was the metal straps just in front of wheel arch which connect to the guide blocks. These were no more than dust. The rear brackets which are bolted on to the rear cross beam were badly corroded but still intact. However having bought the rear bracket assembly the intention was to change them as well.

This was tougher than expected because the screws holding the plastic mounting to the beam were literally welded on by the rust. I knew I could not get them out without major surgery, so took the pragmatic decision to leave the old plastic mounts in place and just swap the original mountiing bushes with the new ones. This was relatively easy, however the fun was about to start.

Both the vertical metal straps which hold the bumper cover are welded to the body just in front of the wheel arch were completely gone. The bumper cover needs to be secured in this area. I believe that you can by the brackets, but you would need to get them welded back on, and I had neither the bits or the capability at hand today. I ended up making brackets from alluminiun bar to hook on to the guide blocks and then the stud that holds on the wheel arch dust cover. Not elegant and backbreaking to achieve, but it was effective. I intend to get the original straps welded back in once "jack frost starts nipping at our nose" but for now we have a roadworthy compromise.

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did you ever source the metal brackets as mines totally gone? if you didn't how did you mange to fix it in the end?

regards brewstabmx
no it was the bit were the bumper slides up on the side not the rear
Your asking a question on a very old thread, the chances are the OP is no longer here. As for what you are looking for, you can get reasonable replacement from scrap cars but they are difficult to remove and reweld.

I think you are referring to this support, I think the OP said he just cobbled a solution together.

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