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I have a bit of an off the wall SOH, part of my make up, so I might offend, try not to, because I've read the rules, honest...

Been a long term Jaguar fan, ever since in my childhood during the late 60's I received an absolutely magnificent volume from Jaguar about their history, which I wish I'd kept...

I've worked on XK, Mk1, owned XJ6 Mk1, Daimler Double Six, XJ12, 4.2 PS, XJS in my past, and have recently bought myself an X type just to keep my hand in so to speak.

So. Northern bloke, lives by the sea, bit quiet, building stuff. I'll try to fit in....

Off the wall sense of humour;) definitely frowned upon, just because you are a northern bloke and live by the sea in the south you think you can join this forum, of course you can welcome to the forum and enjoy the jag :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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