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Bad ding on front wing and bumper...

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I knew it was going to be a bad day when I was woken up by my service guys to go replace a machine in Canary Wharf. But I did not expect this. In the NCP car park, and I swear the ones in London are smaller, narrower. I am taking it to someone whom a friend of mine has used for his car in the past with very good results (I have seen them).

My question is, anything to worry about other than the cost? Has anyone had similar mishaps and got it repaired without any problems?

Any advice appreciated.


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Hi Deep,

When you say repair? I cant really see from the photo, but that looks like a plastic bumper... (am i correct?) If this is so, and it has been scuffed/deeply scratched to where paint has been taken off, the best adive is to get the bumper blown in. This can cost from £50-90 depending on who you use. You shouldnt have caused any real damage, as it looks superficial. You just need the paint sorting and the bumper possibly heated and moulded back to original shape. Any professional body shop can do this for you.

Hope this helps.

Hello PanterDetailing,

Thank you for the reply. Apologies for late post, was away.

The wing has a dent and the plastic bumper has a scrape. Was quoted £400 for the job, I will wait till I get some more dents and then maybe get the car resprayed.


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