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Bagged myself a late rear axle

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Hi All,
I've just bagged myself a rear axle from a 94 with the outboard brakes and a 3.54 diff.
I can't wait to get it on the car ! While the axle is down I'm putting in a new set of racing springs and fully adjustable shocks :).
The V12 should fly with the higher ratio diff :)
And all that for £350 delivered :)
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0 to 120 in how many secs? :)

Good price too.
I will time it when I get a chance :) I think I might have sold my old one as well !
Indeed a good price. It recently cost me nearly £1500.00 to have my diff reconditioned 3.54 (outboard brakes)!

I also have one of these rare axles...........from a 93-95 XJS
It comes with LSD as standard. Old style diff with new style hubs
Bought it as a spare for SWMBO's DB7 as it has the same rear suspension, only the ratio is different.
Comes with ABS sensors as well

Now if anyone is interested as it is taking up room in my garage
I might find you a buyer, PM me with a price and where you are.
I might find you a buyer,.....that would be great

PM me with a price...........been offered £100 for the rear hubs but the axle is complete. Can you e-mail me and I can send photos etc but open to offers

and where you are........bedroom at the computer to be serious I am near Lanark, Scotland
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