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Bass Box & Amps All Fitted

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Well, .... Boiling hot day so was time to rip the jag apart and start hiding all the wires under the carpets inside the car.

Wires on the ''right'' still need to be a little more tidy but it's okay for now ;)

I've had to cut away a 6x9 hole on the parcel shelf (hole in the metal underneath was already there, very handy) so that I could feel the bass hitting my back inside the car. Only thing left to do now is to upgrade ALL the door speakers because it's only a matter of time till I blow them all with the amp connected to them!

I'm happy with the result anyway :D
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Not what u normally see in the back of an xjr,normally it's guns and dead bodies.
However I like your work,nice one mate.
Show us a pic of the rest of your car.
Did you just add amps and subs or did you do an entire system with new head unit bypassing the OEM amp? What brand(s) did you use? I've been lazy with my install but now I've decided to do a pc install mostly to get a big screen into the dash.
Yes, ... Head unit replaced, CD Multi changer all gone, ... Everything replaced! ;)

Love the comment about the bodies in the boot! LOL
Head unit - DVD Player

Rest of the car:

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Always wanted to do this, is there anyway of getting this setup but with the standard headunit?
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