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Bearing on TB output shaft to prop shaft

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So, i've had my 3rd X now for 3 days. All going well then this rumbly whining noise coming from central underneath the car. S**t i think the TB has gone but still driving perfect just the first thing soon as i got in from work i put it up on the ramps...shock horror the output shaft what comes out of the TB connecting up to the prop has a LOT of wobbly play, looks like the bearings :( gutted i thought theres 2-3 ton for a used 1. Then..i come across the party piece on ebay just advertising the output part, looks like its held on with 4 bolts.

Question. Do you think this is the problem? Which it seems so..
If i disconnect it i'll be hoping oil comes out so i know some was in there in the first place lol. Looks like i'll have to take the bottom engine mount off in order to access the 2 top bolts, not a problem i cant see it being. So once this is removed am i right in thinking just the 4 bolts and the output shaft will come out and the new 1 back in? Looks simple from the picture it just slots in? Hoping no cogs go rolling down the drive way lol...

Any advice appriciated chaps

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There's a nut that'll be under a specific torque that you'll undo to remove the whole part you are describing off the Transfer box, the propshaft covers it up, it's a large nut. Mark this, as you'll be wanting to put it back on exact when you put the nut back on.
Ian - cheers mate. I remember seeing that nut a while ago when i changed the transfer box on my previous X. So once that nut is off, and the other 4 also, would i be right in thinking that it will just slide off some shaft of splines of some sort? I'll take note of the tightness as you say, will try to find the torque setting for this nut.

What will be the best way to fill the box back up with oil once done? I can see what looks like a drain plug on the side, a round plug with a square in the middle but looks hard to get anything in there unless i tip the car on its side!

Thanks again

I would also replace the seal that's behind what you're removing too, p/n is C2S5131.

Yeah it just slides off, reverse what you did and top up, there's a few methods. Jaguar say to jack the car up over 1 meter on passenger side and fill up through the plug on the side of the Transfer box, 600ml 75w140 diff oil. Some people cut the end off a socket extension and use mole grips to loosen it.
Thanks again Ian for your help. The part on ebay is 90 quid, and i've just found a TB for 100 which the seller states is off "a low milage car and has no noises" so i'm in a position where i dont know what to do, i'm hoping the box is not goosed because then it would just delay sending it back and so on..I dont quite think my halfords 2 ton jack would quite get it a metre off the ground! Maybe a fork lift would do the trick but cant see me getting 1 of those to hire!!

If i get a used box instead, can this be fitted on the car as last time i took the whole engine out as i was changing a few things around, to be honest i cant be hooped doing that again not after 1 week!

Big hand shakes

Yeah it can be taken off without removing engine, do a search, someone did the swap with pics on this forum. Obviously gearbox fluid would need to be drained, driveshafts removed, propshaft, rear engine mount, bolts, brackets, the transfer box weighs between 15-20kg, so it's hard to maneuver about if you're doing it lying down.
Just searched and read up on that thread you mentioned. So much easier with the engine out! Looks like it could be a pig removing that bracket which holds the rear engine mount on tho..

Some of the pictures are horrifying especially the one where he has taken the output shaft off, what i need to do if i go down that route, hoping oil comes out and not thick black greasy type stuff.

I think what my best bet would be is to buy the TB because its only £10 more than that output shaft, and swap the output shaft over with my duff 1. That way if i find it to be the TB at fault least i have a spare to put on. :D Do the easy option first i guess.

Cheers Ian for your input today - what great people on this superb forum it is certainly the best and makes me even more proud to be a jaguar owner - even if they like to play silly buggers!

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