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blue tooth parrot

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well had the parrot mki9001i fitted and what a peice of kit it is £129 £70 fitted worth every penny can stream all my music from my iphone and it tells you what track is playing plus you just press one botton and it asks who you want to call just say the name and away you go if incoming call rings it tells you who it is and all you have to do is say reject or accept
was going to have it fitted at halfords for £24.99 but when the 20 year old lad came out with his shirt hanging out and due for a hair cut saying he might or might not be able to fit it in my car put me right off.
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So who did fit it?

Fitted mine myself you need an iso lead but very very easy job, about an hours work intotal
just make sure you have radio before you start
a company in watford done mine evo sounds very pleased with them as well , no matter how easy it is i would still not be able to do it end up breaking something did loose the radio but thanks to this site the old trick of pressing three buttons worked a treat and even the technician could not believe it cheers for that.
Where did you mount the display? Have one I was going to fit but the only option seemed to be over the vents
just beside the centre vents and the remote you can put anywhere as its wireless
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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