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Bluetooth & Voice Installation

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Over the next few weeks I'm going to be installing both bluetooth and voice to my 2002.50MY facelift S Type and have a question or two that need answers.

Firstly I want to a big thanks to both Warren & Eddie at Euro Jags who have been the most helpful guys ever in sourcing the parts for me at great prices. They know their jags inside out.

Right, back to point in question.

I know for the Bluetooth installation I've got to move some pins/wires on both the centre console red/black connector and the large grey connector in the boot.

Having looked at the connector I can't see how to take it apart as the wires all come in from one side only and not from the back like other connectors.

So my first question is, can anyone tell me how to dismantle the large grey phone connector in the boot so that I can moe these pins?


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i am trying to remember, look at it end on and its a matter of prising the outer part out so that the little built in knobs clear and pull on the wires and the inner will slide out?? by the way, there is no need to have the bluetooth module in the armrest, you could cut it off in the armrest with above say 6inches of wire and splice all the wires in the boot. mine works anywere in the boot and up to 5metres from the car. it saves having to thread wires to the centre consol for no reason except thats were it always was. good luck its well worth it.
No need to cut and splice mine as I already have 8 wires in centre console, so it's just a matter of moving the correct wires around.

Thanks for the reply I'll check that out next week.

Can anyone else confirm what stanboy said or have another method?

More the merrier I say.

I'm not so sure you need to move the wires around even....

Just have to check that you have the following connections;

bigbear said:
Been away a while and looks like i have already answered in a differnt thread.
Mine had the eight wires you dont need 9.
On the PSE I moved the following pins along the plug. It's not hard. You just need a tiny watch makers screwdriver to release the pins in the plug so you can slide them out and slide them into the correct place.

So on the PSE I moved pin 3 to pin 2, pin 7 to pin 3, pin 8 to pin 10 and pin 24 to pin 6.
On the BTUM end of the cable I moved pin 4 to pin 3, the one that was in 3 move to pin 1, and finally move pin 7 to pin 2

Plug both plugs back in and you're done.

Pairing code for Bluetooth is 1313

Test the continuity afterwards to ensure you have this configuration.

PSE -------- BTUM
1 -------------- 3
2 -------------- 8
3 -------------- 9
6 -------------- 1
10 ------------- 7
20 ------------- 5
22 ------------- 6
26 ------------- 2
I was worried I would have to start swapping wires around, but I tested the cicuits with a multimeter and they were exactly like the connections above. Check that first.

It's easier to change the pins at the BTUM end, if I'm not mistaken.
Thanks for the tip Cambo, but unfortunately mines a 2002.50MY so before they started to fit Bluetooth, so it's only pre-wired (8 wire) for GSM phone, so I'll most probably have to move some pins around to get the bluetooth working.

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