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Bonnet adjustment

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Does anybody know how to adjust the alignment of the front of the bonnet to the bumper cover on my XKR. It has always annoyed me as the bonnet sits higher at the front where it lines up with plastic front nose, the rest of the alignment is fine. I assume i need to adjust the hinge and want to lower the front of the bonnet but can't see an easy way to loosen the hinges, adjust and then tighten it up.
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From what I recall from when I had my front bumper off, the adjustment is achieved by using packing washers on the bolts securing the top edge of the bumper to the steel cross member. There were/are two or three large washers on each bolt between the crossmember and the bumper cover on mine.
Open bonnet,remove struts,this will make the bonnet open fully,you can then access the hinges to adjust them,adjust, replace struts,job done.
But in this case, Paul says that the rest of the bonnet alignment is good. So if he drops the front of the bonnet to match the bumper, it will be too low to be flush with the wings on each side.
Thanks for replies.

I didnt realise the washer trick and had a look and it already had washers under the front bumper cover. Also managed to get at the hinge bolts which have adjusted it slightly, the plastic screw stops helped keep it in line but to much and it was hard to shut bonnet so going to get some more washers see if that works.
I'd stick with the 'washer' way, anything else could spoil the shut line
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