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Bonnet respray?

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Hi, I'm new here :) We bought our first Jaguar a couple of weeks ago, an X-Type 2.0 diesel and I love it! :D The only thing is, the bonnet has a couple of chips at the front which are too big to be filled in, it needs a respray apparently, with the colour blending into the wings (we knew this when we bought it, and knocked some money off the price accordingly), but we don't know of anywhere suitable to take it. Has any one got any advice/ had this done or suggestions of good paint spraying type places in Staffordshire?

Thanks ever so much for reading :)
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Where abouts in Staffordshire are you,if your not too far from Derby there is a Jag specialist there on Stores Road which have there own body shop. It is called "elite&performance jags" hope this helps.

That's brilliant Rick, thank you very much :) We're in Cannock so about 45-50 mins away but that's not a problem :)
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