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Boot open indicator on - but have replaced lock! X-type diesel

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Hi All,

Am new to the forum and have recently purchased a 2005 X-type diesel. Within a couple of weeks a fault developed where the console displayed the "boot open" warning. Having looked around the forum it appeared that this could be due to a switch in the latch assembly giving up the ghost. I have replaced the lock assembly but still get the boot open warning. I also assume this is the reason why my alarm will sometimes go off at 3am in the morning, much to my neighbours annoyance...

Does anyone have any other ideas? There was a day or so where the warning would blink on and off rapidly while driving, which makes me think it could be a loose connection in the wiring loom somewhere??

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One suspect would be a chafed/broken wire, most likely where it passes through the flexible conduit from boot lid to body. Probably the Brown wire from the Boot Ajar switch to the General Electronic Module, 23 way, Grey plug, Pin No 22. The GEM is the module above the accelerator pedal with five 23 way plugs. You can remove the plug to do a continuity check.
I had the same fault a few weeks ago, as astromorg has said, have a look at the wiring where it is routed through the boot lid inside the rubber conduit. Mine was a broken wire, the application of some nice hot solder had it repaired in a jiffy.
Thanks guys - work and rain has kept me from trying this, but v. useful. Will let you know how I get on.
Thanks guys. I have done a continuity test on the wire between the GEM and the 5-pin plug that hooks into the boot latch. It was fine (resistance of about 3 ohms). The boot unlocks and locks OK, so it's just the boot open indicator issue that's bugging me (and often ends up with the alarm going off!). While I was there I also tested the voltage across the pins on the plug. This is what I found (tried to upload an image but failed!). This is a representation of the 5-plug pin face-on. (there's also 12v between the yellow/orange pin and black pin)

(orange) o <---12v-----> o (yellow/orange) <---12v-----> o (brown)

(black) o cgjhfghjfgjfgjfgjfgjfgjfgjfghfghfghfghfghf (white) o

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
Something unusual here! There should only be four wires at the boot lock connector - Black to earth, Brown from GEM to boot ajar switch, Orange from GEM to Lock/Unlock motor and White that is not used or connected to anything - same for all MY's published as far as I can see. I can't identify the Yellow/Orange one you have! The Orange should give 12v when lock or unlock is operated. If the Brown wire is disconnected from the lock, the Boot Ajar light should come on; if connected to directly to earth the light should go out.
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