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Braided Hoses

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I am toying with upgrading my brake hoses to Stainless Braided and also blasting and painting the calipers.

  1. Where can I get braided hoses? Because I cannot find any suppliers on line.
  2. Will sand blasting the calipers clean them adequately for painting?

Any help and advice will be gratefully received.

John F
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Demon Tweaks or Goodridge are probably your best bet John , Goodridge used to do free delivery
Sand Blasting should be more than adequate I would have thought
Thanks Red.

I assume hamerite paint should do the job.
I used Hammerite with no issues John , another thing you may want to consider is that the front callipers are an exchange item at
Europarts , I don't know the condition of yours but I had a sticking cylinder in one of the callipers so I just swapped them for two new
ones which saved all the sand blasting and emery cloth etc as well as the labour . you should price them at Europarts for curiosity
Thanks Red.

I assume hamerite paint should do the job.
Hey John......

If you're about to do this, don't forget the hub area of the discs, they're all too often left and are usually dirty / rusty etc and take away from the overall look

Hammerite smooth silver for the hubs works well, it's what I use and have done for years with no issues, just a great smooth silver stock looking finish

Re cleaning / sand blasting calipers etc.
Unless they're in extremely bad shape sand blasting won't be necessary. Get them cleaned thoroughly and use of a good wire brush all round, finished with a paint brush to remove any loose debris will be more than sufficient.

Unsure what colour you're considering for the calipers?
Mines came with black originally and I re did them myself using Hammerite smooth black and had excellent results

When I decided to go for red I opted for Ferrari red and bought a small tin of gloss from Ebay giving the results you see using a brush

Longevity is good if cleaned regularly and looked after, I personally though like to freshen mine up once a year in spring and have it down to a fine art, around a little over 3 hours to do all four corners.

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don't they already have braided hoses ?

mine certainly does - and they're OE, not aftermarket
That was my thinking as well, I replaced the rears at last MOT as the ends had excessive corrosion.

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