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Brake discs

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Going to change the brake pads on my car to EBC redstuff ceramic after speaking to some members at Santa pod. While im at it im going to change the discs as well, currently torn between EBC ultimax or TAROX G88's.

Has anyone had any experience with TAROX discs? They are double the price of EBC so would be good to know if they are worth it, cheers.
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Tarox discs

Hi Bullseyeant,

I previously owned a 4ltr S Type and fitted TAROX discs and used EBC Redstuff pads all round to great effect. Yes they are more expensive but to me they were worth every penny extra as breaking performance was enhanced by a noticeable amount, they lasted approximately twice as long as the regular OEM discs and they didn't warp (which was something mine were prone to doing).

I had EBC (Turbo Gooved) discs on my X Type with Redstuff and they are very good but as its the pads that do the work decided to go with Mintex discs and redtsuff on my XJ.
Stops on a sixpence just the same as my X Type did,cant get them to fade (luckily neither could I_MNL with her lets say "extremely spirited driving" when she took me for a drive in my own car and I'm sure if I had had std pads she would have killed us both) ,the Mintex/Redstuff combination instills a very high confidence in braking at all need to waste your money buying expensive discs IMO
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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