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Brake Issue Xtype 2.0ltr Diesel!!

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Hi folks!

I wonder if possibly one of you could give me a few pointers on what may be causing a problem with my brakes. I've just replaced both front and rear discs and pads (easy enough). I then renewed the brake fluid using a pressure bleeder. The problem I'm now having is, that now when I brake, the brakes work fine for about 3 seconds before the pedal stiffens up and I lose the brakes. It's as though I have no servo support. When I lift my foot off the pedal for a few seconds the same process starts again, I get the brakes for a few seconds before the pedal stiffens again. I'm baffled! :-/
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Now the engine warning light is on! What's that all about?! :-/
Could you have a vacuum leak?

Yeah I'm thinking along those lines too. I've just more or less confirmed it by turning the engine off and pressing the pedal a few times to use up the vacuum in the servo, then starting up the car again. Guess what? The pedal stays up! it's only when I lift the pedal for a few seconds do I get servo assistance again. So, I'm thinking the servo maybe shot, and dumping vacuum when the pedal is pressed?!

Thanks for your input :)
Did you change the servo and did that cure the problem?
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