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Bringing the phone kit into the 21st Century...

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Hi all,

My 1997 Sov had a Motorola phone kit fitted when new, with a dock located on the passenger's side of the transmission tunnel. All the gubbins for the kit are still in the car - but the phone isn't. What I'm in the process of doing though is creating a bespoke dock for my Samsung Galaxy SII with the aim of using that as the handset for the old phone kit. My hope is to be able to at least be able to charge the phone while it is in the car, if not actually use the car's kit as it was intended.

So... Is this even possible? Has it been done? What advice can you offer?

Thanks in advance,
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I wish you the best of luck with that!
In reality - I've never heard of it being done, and TBH my X350 has the same kit with the handset and working, but if it didn't work I wouldn't be trying to mate 90's tech to 2012 tech, get yourself a bluetooth interface like the Parrot, you'll get phone and music in one solution.
probably best to rip it out and fit a bluetooth kit.

won't be able to charge it though
you could use a thb bury kit to charge and plumb that through the speakers. The have the advantage of being able to update the cradle with one suitable for later phones. I used one kit in a car for about 7 years with several cradles finally used a generic blue-tooth cradle hidden in the car to connect to without charging. You can buy the specific holder for your phone though and it will be seamless. Cracking kits.
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