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broken wing mirror

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while reversing into my garage ive caught my passanger side wing mirror.
the electrics are still working , but ive damaged the mechanicals.
im going to attempt to repair said wing mirror , so where do i start ?
ive a 2004 s type
if it cant be repaired, i will try to obtain a 2nd hand part, so
any advice will be greatly appreciated
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Hi Jimmyone,
Did you get any advice on your broken wing mirror problem? I would like to know how the cover comes off. I sprayed both my miror mechanisms with spray grease the other day as a pre winter measure, the first time I used the power fold feature I found the drivers side one would not fold back out, I had to push it back by hand.
I'm sure it is nothing too serious (maybe just a cable detached?) I have looked at the mirror cover but can't see any obvious way to get it a part.
Irish Pappy
Hi paddy firstly
the cover will come off with a bit of gentle persuasion with a thin blade

If the mirror is sticking its probably because the aluminium casting is a bit ccorroded spray wd40 into the hinge and gently assist the mirror to open and shut ... CCarefully it won't be electrical or cables.

this is a common problem with jag mirrors
Thanks for that Jimmyone, saw a thread where somone said to pop the cover off with a thin blade underneath.
Tried this and off it came no problem. (a bit wary of prising plastic covers etc. off as they usually snap or something!)
Sprayed everything inside with spraygrease and worked the mirror back and forth and seems to be working fine now.
Such an easy job I did the passenger side as well.
Thanks again.
Irish Pappy
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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