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On my way down to Coventry this afternoon I pulled into a rest stop and trying to find a parking space, which were all short & tiny, I managed to catch the n/s front wheel on a raised kerb trying to get into one.

This is the first time I've scraped a wheel in over 12 years and all because the rest stop owners are trying to cram as many vehicles on their site as they can. My fault entirely, I can't argue that point, but boy are parking spaces in M6 motorway rest stops small!

Amybody got a spare brand new Vella wheel they don't want? LOL!
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Unlucky, yeah most car parking spaces are pretty small when you're driving a Jag, and I'm very particular about not kerbing my alloys too, it'll be cheap enough to have refurbed, should only be around £50 for a proper wheel off job.
Thanks dj - I'm going to pop into a Halfords today and get some wet & dry and a silver paint stick to tidy it up a little. But when I get home in a couple of weeks I'll take your advice and get it repaired properly.

Just sometimes I miss my 1971 Mini, a wheel at each corner and all the corners were around your seat! LOL!
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