Buying Second Hand E-Pace from JLR Dealer, AutoTrader, or Private Questions


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Feb 2, 2021
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I am looking to buy my first Jaguar. I am after an E-Pace and I have a budget of £20K-£23K.

I have a few questions about sourcing the vehicle, and things to look out for.

JLR Main Dealers
This is my preferred option. I guess I will be paying a 10% premium above market rates for going down this route but it's the safest option IMO for a relatively new car like the E-Pace, and a JLR main dealer should be more trustworthy than Daley's Motors of Willesden.

Autotrader and Equivalent Resources
This has many more vehicles on offer but I am an unsure about the reliability of vehicles from non main dealer traders.

Private Seller
I am not too bothered about this. I would much rather trust the word of a private seller than a car dealer :)

What To Look Out For
I appreciate the E-Pace is a relatively new car, so long term faults that only appear after X years or XX,000 miles are probably not yet apparent. But are there any gotchas to look out for like noises, body work, tyre wear (all pretty much standard stuff you would check for second hand cars)?

High Mileage OK?
Again we don't know how well the E-Pace fairs after just 3 years but with the other models available as a source of evidence of reliability, would you be put off buying a high mileage E-Pace? I was thinking around 10,000-15,000 would be fine but would 25,000+ be worth it even with FSH and possibly a better spec?

Right Time To Buy?
Things are obviously different this year. You can't go inside showrooms and you can't do test drives except on the day you collect (and some dealers are giving you X days to return and have a refund). Maybe this is causing a shortage of stock and when showrooms are open again there could be an influx of cheaper cars. Maybe there won't, and as with many businesses, consumers are going to have to pay more for things to compensate sellers for lost trade. Who knows?

Then there is the 21 plates in March. Is it still the case that you should buy second hand around this time because there are many P/X stock waiting to be shifted? Or back again to the lack of showroom shopping. Maybe the demand for 21 plates is going to be subdued for a few months.