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C2C40513 - Jaguar Audio Connectivity Module

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My fellow Jaguar Enthusiasts,

Spoke with my local stealers this morning, about ordering an ACM module and installation. I know it is a question that has been done to death on the forum and there are more than a ‘few posts’ about it but I am after some help/advice from someone who has one fitted.

The stealers said that ACM module will require two additional components that I will need to order in order to fit –

1. Harness
2. Link Lead

I haven’t seen any reference to these parts any-where online or on the forum - has any-one fitted one and needed these part(s)?

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My ACM came with everything needed, I can only presume they mean the harness that taps power from the head unit feed, and the D2B fibre cable - both should be included, if not, I don't reckon they're selling the full kit.
Price quoted (part only) came £208 + VAT...... I asked about the harness as I thought they meant "ipod dock/adaptor" but apparently it is the fixing for the adaptor to mount to the plastic insert (inside the arm rest). Where did you buy your ACM kit from?
OK, I still think they're trying to sell an incomplete kit, mine came with everything required. Got mine through Parts Reunited - Parts Reunited - The Genuine Vehicle Parts Finder! who basically pass your parts request through their dealer networks and the individual dealer then contacts you to do the deal, I got my ACM from a Jaguar Dealer in Liverpool for £160 delivered, can't remember the name right now, began with an R?
The installation instructions freely downlaodable from the jaguar topix site includes a picture (page 3) of everything included in the kit. When I installed my kit that I bought on ebay a few years ago, I didn't need any other parts.


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