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Can an X Type run on Bio Diesel or Chip Fat

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Hi All,

Has anyone successfully run an x type diesel on Bio Fuel or chip fat.???

My Wife kindly told me that my fuel bill last year was £7500.00 even though i get between 42.00 and 48.00 miles per gallon.

I am now looking to see if i can reduce the cost.

Many Thanks in advance.

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It's not recommend by Jaguar or Ford who made the engine.

I've read common rails aren't ideal to using the stuff as they're reliant on very high fuel rail pressures, much much higher than the old mechanical injection pump engines, thus tolerances and viscosity is paramount to them working correctly.

The best you can do and what is recommonded, commercially available blend of 5% bio.
It seems it's getting ever more common abroad and here to blend dinosaur juice with 5% bio.

So, I guess I don't need to say to also forget the Crisp 'n Dry!

Certain Mechancial injection systems will run on the stuff, no problem.
My old Disco ran on anything oily, used veg oil, clean veg oil, engine oil, bio, blended or not!
VW groups PD engines are pretty good on it too as are some older Pug/Citroen engines depending on what pump.

Diesel Bob Tuning - Vegetable Bob
Biodiesel - 2.0L / 2.2L Duratorq TDDi & TDCi Diesel Engines (Mondeo Mk3) -
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And even with VAG PD engines, be careful - the early generation, Golf III, IV, Octavia I (not Tour) 90 and 110 bhp will run well from say May to October on 75% chip oil/25% mineral diesel. In winter, you don't want to do this because of the problem of viscosity, which might damage (=destroy) your injectors. The later PD engines (105, 136, 140 and 170) as fitted to the Golf V, Octavia II (pre-FL), Octavia I Tour and suchlike will NOT accept chip oil or biodiesel except 5% or so mixed with mineral diesel to EU specs out of the pump. Not the same stuff apparently.
Thanks for the reply's guys.

I guess like the rest of us i will have to keep paying through the nose.

Is it worth getting the car remapped ?????
Definately but go for an economy remap (which also gives some extra power) rather than an all out performance map.Mine was £199 for the economy map and free upgrade when I changed to the power remap
Here in Italy a guy has a 2.2D and is using vegetable oil, I am only aware of first 15000km at 10-15% if I remember right. no problems reported. He is a big fan his previous vehicle was running at 80% vegetable oil in the last period. anyway site is in italian, if someone interested I can search it.
well flicker i anticipate a post in the future of this guys jag comeing to a hault with pump failiure. seals will fail (unless he has upgraded them) , fuel filters can fail and wear can become a issue at some point. the veg oil eats into types of rubber and degrades the bonding thats used in some fuel filters, viscosity can cause blocking problems and the lubrication of parts of the pump at different temperatures. i investigated deeply and trial with this bio stuff, its good in some engines and pump systems but you have to be sure its suitable or it becomes a expensive cheep way of fueling your vehicle.
Didn't find it that much cheaper tbh when I took into account the extra cost of oil and filter changes, fuel filters clogging, water in the fuel etc.

It seems cheap but in the long run I didn't save anything. Mind I did a lot of miles back then...
Is it worth getting the car remapped ?????
Absolutely! mine is 50/50 economy/performance remap, wider power band, smoother delivery, drives more like a petrol than diesel, well worth the investment IMHO
drives more like a petrol than diesel
Stop putting the car down :D
I believe that common rail diesels can be run on chip fat but the oil has to be carefully filtered and pre-heated to make it both clean and the right viscosity.

There are such kits available - it's not as clean cut as an old Discovery.

Chieftain Tanks use Jaguar / Daimler engines and they will run on anything oily.
Stop putting the car down :D
cough *economy* cough and performance too, I'm lovin it!
Chieftain Tanks use Jaguar / Daimler engines and they will run on anything oily.
Sorry Chieftain tank was fitted with a train engine the leyland l60. This was indeed multi fuel and would run on pretty much anything.The Scorpion light armoured range had the Jaguar 4.2 litre petrol engine.
I stand corrected ------- !!!

There are currently conversions available that allow CR diesels to run on vegetable oil.
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