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Car shaking when driven above 30mph

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I have a jaguar s-type 2.7d V6 automatic, seems to have developed a fault. When car is driven above 30mph is starts to shake violently. Have taken it to a garage a was told it is the propshaft centre bearing. So I had the centre bearing replaced but car still shakes. So took it back to the garage and now being told it is an issue with the a converter in the gearbox but not convinced.

Has anyone had this problem before or have any ideas?
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On mine it was an injector, but it would do it even at idle.
Whole car shook very violently
New injector under warranty sorted it fortunately
It does not seem to do it when idle, only when driven above 30mph
I had similar problems but at higher speeds and it was a crack in the front alloy wheel.
the front of the car seems fine, the shaking is from the back of the car, if it was a problem with the gearbox would the rear of the car be shaking?
sp1ke - I had similar symptoms it was my rear brake caliper. It was siezed but only actually caused a shake after a set speed....noticed the cause when i smelt the rear brakes and felt the heat.. May not be your problem, but for me this caused a shake from the rear...(volvo v70 btw)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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