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Centre dash switch L.e.d s failed

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Can anyone help or had this issue (2002 xk8 convertible)

Ive just noticed the tiny l.e.ds for seat heater swicthes , front and rear fog lamps and traction control on/off have all stopped working?

(It just on that particular row of dash - all the other small lights still work on climate control etc)

All the buttons still work though- heated seats work - you just dont get the lamp to tell you there on!

The same for traction control - press switch and put foot down hard = wheelspin! so its just the lights;

are they replaceable? and why did the whole lot fail at once

any help welcome! & thanks in advance
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To change the bulbs you will need to take the centre console out and remove that particular switch pack. The replacement bulbs (not LEDs) come from Jaguar and are about £2 each.

Any problems give Kevin a call on 01264 333523

If they've all gone out I'd have thought it's more likely to be a dodgy connection than bulb failures. The lights on my front and rear screen heaters periodically go out, but they eventually come back on.
Thanks Kevin & All. I was told by a dealer the whole switch assembly had to be replaced. I try and remove that row and check connections and bulbs.

I Went down a massive pot hole the other day and it sent a shock-wave through the car - the abs warning lights came on afterwards (then cancelled on next start up)
maybe the vibration jarred the connections!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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