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Changing Jags

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Well after having my car for 3 months I have had a change in my business that means I haven't been going on longer trips. My car 2.2d auto estate has a DPF so rather than have hassle I have found another 2.2d saloon non-DPF.

The difference in performance and feel between the Auto with DPF and the manual non DPF is clearly noticeable. Both cars are in top condition but the manual drives so much better. I always said I would not go back to a manual but after driving it I did the deal and will get it next week.
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I think that you have made a good decision, the 2.2 Manual is expectationally good on MPG. With 0-60 at 8.5 Secs. (Auto 9.5) DPF's are a complete nuisance in my opinion, if you don't make long trips frequently enough to please the DPF. We have a 2.2 manual no DPF. 75% 3-5 mile journeys. MPG. Circa. 34 on a long run thrashing it (when the Wife falls asleep) 47 MPG. Our second car a properly serviced Fiesta 1.25 that saw service at the Battle of Hastings struggles to match the MPG. of the JAG. Short or long trips.

Some owners spend a lot of time in traffic or just being on the road, that's when an Auto box can be worth losing a bit of performance & MPG. For the convenience.

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