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Clutch on way out?

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Here with more tales of woe....

On the motorway, foot down to overtake, revs shoot up, car has no pick up.

Turn the music down to hear a whirring/buzzing sound.

I lose the top gear - a few miles down the road, I lose third.

The car now has 1&2 and reverse (is getting harder to engage)

I've had a couple of people tell me it's the clutch plates heating and sticking hence the gradual loss of gears.

I haven't had a clutch go on an automatic before - nor on a jag - and it gets confusing with the "dual mass flywheel" to work out whats wrong and what needs replacing - obv needs to go into a garage to get it checked out.

Any idea's where's a good place to source the parts?

Is it a simple job for a good mechanic to do - not needing a jag specialist?

Any feedback greatly appreciated, especially if you've had the clutch go on your automatic.
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You would need to find a ZF Auto Gearbox repair centre l'm afraid. All Jaguar would do is swap the your box with a reconditioned ZF box, and then charge you £3,800 for the supply & fit & all the sundries that go with it.
I can't understand the OP message, Clutch? dual mass flywheel? AUTOMATIC????? it doesn't make sense.
Now, seeing as he states his car is a 2001 Auto, it will be the 5 speed box, NOT the ZF box.
I would suggest he gets it to an Auto Gearbox Specialist and get their diagnosis.
Google Auto Box spec. in the area you live and take it from there.
DON'T take it to a main dealer.....................unless you've won the lottery.

And don't buy any bits until you know for sure what is wrong.
From the responses thus far, there's no clutch, or anything that functions like a clutch on an automatic gearbox?
There will be clutch packs INSIDE the gear box, with an automatic gearbox the TORQUE CONVERTOR performs the normal clutch function. The Torque Con. is not a serviceable item, it's either working or it's broken and needs replacing (not cheap)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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