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Does anyone know which is the best all round Code Reader to buy that will work on all cars?
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Snap on but they are dear. I use a geniscan mostly which cost about £70 a few years ago. Works on everything that is odb2 compliant with the right plug. Mercs have a funny plug so you need to use a specific or aftermarket. I have access to a few bits of kit if you are local more than happy to help
Home code readers wont read all DTC codes especially U codes
Even the pro one at our bodyshop in a "suitcase" doesnt read them all so occasionally its a case to get a guy around like Go Diagnostics or its a trip to the dealer
I got myself a bluetooth ODB2 reader which connects to software on my Android smartphone. The reader cost about £16 from Amazon, and the software cost £2.95 from the Google Play Store.
There is a video on YouTube here Torque Android App Review & OBDII Bluetooth Adapter - YouTube
I think it is fantastic.
Pity it doesnt read all the Jag codes
Handy app though for track days, gauges, etc
The Autel Maxiscan MS309 is works on all OBD2 vehicles after 1996, and so would certainly work on a Jag from that timeframe.
Odd. I have used it on Jags in the past with success, among many other different makes and models.
I have an Autel MS310 which seems to work.. I need to qualify that to some extent since following some problems on my diesel injection system it didn't appear to record a fault code but when using its ability to read the ECU's freeze frame data (data recorded at the time a code is registered) there was evidence of a P0251 DTC having been registered along with the relevant instantaneous engine parameters. I think that the apparent failure to display anything in the "System Status: codes found" display on the reader was due to the fact that the fault was cleared on engine restart - and as the engine has to be stopped with the ignition off before connecting the code reader, the code may have been wiped before the reader could identify it. The freeze frame data read by the MS310 reader seems to be held in the vehicle system until reset / wiped by a code reader so may have survived being wiped when the engine was restarted.

However I'm not particularly concerned to see how it performs otherwise - since by definition it will only work when there are fault codes to be read !;)

Ian C
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My Autel MS409 OBDII reads my cars(see below) and Mazda 3,Mazda 6 and RX8.It only reads engine codes.

My cars---2009 Ford Fusion 2.3l
2008 Subaru Outback 2.5l
2004 Jaguar S-Type 4.2l
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