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Code Reader

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I am contemplating buying a code reader for my 2001 XJR can any please recommend one thanks.
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I've got a Memoscan U581 which is a stand-alone unit, others on here buy the ELM interface and use laptops - they'll no doubt be along soon to tell you about them.
I've got an ELM interface, which I use on my MacBook using the "Movi Pro" software. Pleased as punch with it tbh.

It shows live readings, fault codes (and clears them too), can save data so you can graph it etc. The ELM USB interface was about £15 on eBay (although I've seen they do WiFi ones now to eliminate the cables to your OBDII socket). The Movi software is available in two formats - I went for the "Pro" version which was a little more expensive, but enables a number of the features I wanted. Not sure if they do a version for PC though.
If you have an Android phone you can buy an app called Torque-BHP which a number on the forum use.
The pro version is under £2.94.It reads and clears fault codes,gives live sensor readings,performnace times eg 1/4 mile, 0-60 etc etc, live gauges,track recorder and so much more.Not sure which of the sensors on your car will work with it or what codes it will read on yours though.You will also need a bluetooth ELM android transmitter for about £14 off ebay.
Thanks for the advice, very much appreciated.
Please let me know how you get on, as I've had problem with one working on my 2001 model. And the lights on now!

Forgot to say my old elm327 usb via laptop pulled codes on a mates 98? XK8 before switching to the wireless Torque-BHP
Hope to get one shortly, I will le you know how I get on.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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