I have a number of brochures etc. collected during 10 years ownership of the now-sold X350.
They are in a file wallet not far off 1.5 inches thick, and each of them have been stored in their own individual sleeves:-

2 x New XJ - A Leap Ahead - Preview. Dated 28/7/03. Approx 11 inch x 6 inches. Both in their original cardboard wallets, and one in an additional ‘ posting’ wallet.
2 x New XJ. approx. 12 x 7, 50 plus page brochures dated 2/7/03, inc. Spec. Guide and Colour Chart.
Specification Guide, 8 page 11 x 8 inches. Dated 25/7/03.
Alternative XJ brochure 50+ pages - Think that maybe 2004.
Jan 2005 Jaguar letter and photo - Car of the Year Award.
XJ - Reprint from Car magazine 12 x 8 - April 2003.
‘Expression’ 12 pages 12x 8, 12 page brochure inc. S Type R, XK , XJ etc. - believed 2007.
Jaguar magazine Spring 2003. 80 page. New XJ, XKR, S TR.
I will avoid using the word mint, but I only bought the best condition I could, so I doubt whether any of these would disappoint.
Want to part with them as one lot, housed in their wallet.
Plus p+p.
Please PM me if interested.
Kind regards.