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whats your favorite colour s-type and why mine is silver as it does not show the dust as much has anybody seen a white one.
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Favourite colour......Midnight (metallic black)........with black interior. My car is midnight......with a cream interior !! Always the bridesmaid & never the bride (story of my life !! lol) Hey-ho, I've got an STR so I'm not sulking
Quartz, didnt like "S" types until i see mine in the showroom. :)
Ultraviolet Blue with Cream Leather, spent 16 months looking for an STR in that combo...failed.

whats your favorite colour s-type and why mine is silver as it does not show the dust as much has anybody seen a white one.
I once asked if anyone had seen two tone paintwork---I had some interesting replies including a link to this one below.

Mmmm, two-tone's not to my taste! Mine's metalic black with ivory leather.
Platinum with champagne,mocha piping.Silvers very easy to keep clean.
I was just about to post a similar thread on the X350 forum as I say a completely beautiful example of a white (yes, WHITE) XJ6 on the road this morning - immaculate and gleaming on a 53 plate so clearly a very well looked after car. This was in Cardiff - was it you? If so - well done - a real stunner.

I had a midnight black S Type and my current XJ6 is the same colour - nice when clean but a nightmare to keep clean and shows up every imperfection, as well as dust and dirt. Normally within a few hours of washing you can see a layer of dust and traffic film developing. Obviously a classic colour when in really good order, but hard work to maintain appearance.

My vote would probably go for one in a metallic blue or silver for an S Type - or British racing green?
Midnight with black leather for me. I had an 07 STR in midnight with black leather and it was stunning even though it was a bugger to keep clean. Have an XFR now in midnight with redzone leather which is even better!!
Jaguar Racing Green but then I may be biased!

STR's in black do look great as does Ultraviolet Blue...
black is a nightmare to keep clean i get enough grief of the neighbours for keep polishing my car and its silver, i think thats why many hire cars abroad are silver as it hides the dust but do love the navy blue stype
Yeah the black is going to be a bugger to keep clean - I've only had the thing a week from dealer valet shiny and it's filthy already! My previous 535i was that sort of gunmetal that just gradually darkens without ever really looking dirty so this is going to take some getting used to...
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