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Oct 4, 2014
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I've got the 2014 which I think benefited from the 8 speed gearbox, not sure what other changes there were from the original models other than a quicker response head unit too.

The 2015 with new headlights has the newer in car entertainment system but is also Euro 6 which seems to present the DPF and oil dilution issues dependent on driving habits.

Someone else more informed can advise further.
The Euro 6 makes sense.
So the engine increased in power output to 295hp.
An SCR was introduced I assume? To reduce NoX emissions.
Plus the DPF was seemingly pushed further away from the engine, leading to possible problems with passive regens.
All the above in 2015.


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May 27, 2011
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Southampton UK
Hi, I'm back!
Some of the cars I'm looking at have very low mileage. For instance, a 10 year old car with 35000 recorded miles. Whilst, at first sight, this might appear attractive, I am concerned about the problems this might cause. Obviously, a service history is important but this might only comprise of stamps in the service booklet without any detail of actual work done. 35000 miles is not enough to warrant a cam belt change but 10 years certainly is, especially if the engine has been left idle for extended periods and the belt has taken the shape of the individual pulley wheels it has been sitting on.
I would guess that regardless of service history it would be a good idea to change the cam belt, all filters, all fluids and probably the battery and a gearbox service. All this would add quite a cost to the purchase price. Are there any problems you can think of that wouldn't be resolved by the actions above?
An MoT history check will highlight any cars that have remained unused for extended periods and all the ones I have investigated show a consistently low annual mileage rather than years without use. Some show as little as 2000 miles a year.
I would appreciate your thoughts. I'm looking for a 3.0D, incidentally.