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Complete Re-Spray costs and issues...

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Has anyone done a complete re-spray to change colour? What did it cost? Also, what would be the issues of a body shop re-spray vs. factory paint?


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It depends on which way you have the job done and the quality of paint and lacquer used
There are many options....
For example cutting corners and costs by masking around trims etc (not recommended but far cheaper) or removing all glass,handles,chromes,mouldings,trims,seals,rubbers,tapes,door cards,etc (often meaning new parts need to be bought where old ones dont restick (eg door moulds if stuck on rather than clipped in, if the latter they can be reused))
Then there is the paint...Dupont (worldclass) paint comes with a lifetime guarantee from Dupont and is the only paint to do so which is why we use it for (insurance) repairs.Its guaranteed for as long as you own the car.Factory paint doesnt come with a lifetime guarantee...I think youre lucky if its a couple of years from when I had my warranty paintwork done.
Other major factors are panel repairs once paint stripped to ensure correct surface for painting and not painting over ,rust,quality or budget lacquer,time to remove old paint,etc etc
Good luck!
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Thanks for the prompt reply.

For an average job vs. no costs barred (not insurance) job what are the costs? I did try searching here before I posted my questions, but in no posts I could find costs.
Sorry cant help with costs as not an estimator and impossible to say without seeing the car. Not sure what an average cost would be given the permutations and could be miles out. Unless someone else on here has had an "average" job done I would take it to a recommended bodyshop maybe from someone you know or an average bodyshop if that's what you or your budget dictate.Perhaps the reason there are no costs shown anywhere is every job will be different
I've had two cars re-sprayed, and my old man had his done as well. Not a completely new colour, just the same colour but full re-spray.

It was a few years ago, and in a different country to you. I think at the time the benchmark was $2000 for a "good" re-spray without changing colour, that means only external panels done, 10 years later and in the UK I guess that could equate to £2000.

If you want to change the colour of the car completely then you're looking at a lot of work, everything needs painting; door jambs, underside of boot & bonnet, inside the fuel door, the engine bay, and so on. To do it properly you are looking at fully stripping the car. The paint itself is relatively cheap, it's the hours, and hours and hours and hours that it takes to strip, prepare, and eventually re-assemble that's the killer.
I just had a quote from my work to repaint a back door (rust on bottom edge) on my white Picasso
I bought a used mint door and was quoted £96 (for paint/materials) plus 4 hours labour to strip/prep/paint etc
Thats me removing the glass/moulds/locks/handles/seals.
On the plus side the complete used door was only £30 and I have the old glass/mechanismis,door card,lock,handles,moulds,seals etc to then sell on to recoup some costs.
Another local one man band car repairer quoted £80 inc prep/paint...still leaving me to remove/refit...wouldnt do it with the Jag but on a 9yr old Picasso runaround might be tempted
I would guess at least another £1000 to Cambos costs
Our local Jag club chairman spent 12 years restoring his E Type and a fortune getting it repainted white (dont know exact figure but think over £4k).
He said the paintwork was worth every penny spending the extra to get the paint job absolutely perfect as he pulled up in his new XKR and a pile of cash in the bank from the sale!
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It depends on how you get it done. If you want to change the colour of the car completely then it will be pricey, no two ways about it.

The way to make it cheap is reduce the prep time. If you strip the car yourself, it'll bring down the cost. Having things masked up instead of removed completely will bring down the cost but the quality won't be as good, esp. if you are drastically changing the colour of the car.

If you want it done properly i.e. the door jambs, underside of boot & bonnet, engine bay, inside of boot, etc painted to match your new colour then the price goes up.

How much to re-spray is like asking how long is a piece of string!
You'll also have to remove the engine, to respray the inside of the engine bay if you're changing the colour too as when you open the bonnet, it'll give the game away straight away. You may aswell just take as a rolling chassis. I have done this once with my friend about 10 years ago on a Vauxhall Astra, from red to black. £1500 and we did all the prep ourselves. Very time consuming.

Two people will never charge the same though for this type of work, it's not a fixed yep it costs this much figure. So many variables on a respray. I had my Rover Coupe Turbo resprayed same colour for £500 7 years ago, but this was mate's rates and yet again I did all the prep.
Thank you everyone for the replies. I am clear. If I keep the same colour and not remove panels, it will be cheaper. Else the cost would be greater.

Interesting point you make BuckMR2, DuPont paint which you use at your work is better than factory paint.
Another point, where would you get factory paint?
Many dealers do not do their own paintwork (space for ovens,cost if high quality skilled painters and materials,additional health and safety etc etc)....2 of my local dealers one in Teeside send cars by transporter to Hull!! And another more local to me send theirs (which included my car when it had its first lot of warranty paintwork) to a local bodyshop who have since lost their approval.
So dont think by paying a dealer you will be gwtting "factory" are far more likely to be paying them premium hourly rates even if they are subcontracting your paintwork out and not getting a lifetime guarantee in return for lining their very deep pockets
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