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Coolant temp problem-

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Hi all, well i had this problem with the jag, about a week ago after about 40 mins of driving i had the engine light come on with 'Restricted Performance' warning and the coolant temp gauge dropping to cold. After restarting it was fine.
Checked fault codes and got PO116- Engine coolant temp circuit problem.

I cleaned codes and the wifes been driving her every day for the last week with no problems.

Today i just done 2hrs driving and as i got near home the same problem happened, so as soon as i got home i left the jag running and pluged in the laptop and looked at live data- coolant temp 76c (which is not right after a 2 hr drive), gauge not working and code PO116 again. Also looked at lpg ecu and that said 76c also. Turned off engine and restarted and all back to normal, gauge working and temp about 92c.

Coolant level is ok etc.

Any ideas??
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Coolant level is ok and the last owner has replaced the thermostat and the sensor.

What I don't get is then the coolant gauge drops down to its rest with fault code, limp home etc, why the obd saying it 76c and gauge showing engine stone cold.
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