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Hello everyone! I have owned my Jag for two years and am trying to make it look nice without robbing its classic look. I have upgraded the interior seat, headliner, and sunroof. I haven't done much to the outside since I am unsure of the possible cosmetic upgrades that can be done (this is my first car). For example, replacing the headlights and brake lights is a minor but effective upgrade I want to complete shortly. Do you recommend other interior/exterior cosmetic upgrades to increase the car's look and feel?

Here is what I am working with:
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Window

Car Land vehicle Vehicle Grille Plant

Automotive parking light Sky Automotive tail & brake light Car Vehicle

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Sky

Vehicle Car Window Motor vehicle Hood

Vehicle Car Hood Motor vehicle Sky

Motor vehicle Car Vehicle Automotive design Speedometer

Thank you all!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts