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Could someone give it to me in basic terms??!

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This is my knowledge of car paint- Primer to help the paint stick, layers of paint for asthetics, laquer for shine and protection!!

So can someone explain how, when are car is mopped/t-cut it removes a layer of paint does this mean the laquer is removed too leaving the paint vulnerable to fade etc?

this has been bugging me for a while now and i cant work out how a polished car still has layers of laquer on it when you can clearly see the paint on the mop/cloth??

AAaaaarrgh!!!!! lol
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When a car is mopped (if its has lacquer ) a small amount of lacquer is removed... or rubbed off... unless you cut through the lacquer there should be no paint colour on the mop.

Not all car paint is lacquered... and on that paint you will get colour on the mop as your rubbing off colour.
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