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Count down to Le Mans

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Well the count down to the big event has begun... Well to be honest it started yesterday really but I was busy ;)

I've been brave and changed the ferry booking so we're going in the Jag...

Anyone else going?
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I'm not going to Le Mans, but I am off to my place in the Pays de la Loire on the Thursday afternoon before race weekend via the Tunnel and hope to see some nice motors on the way down, all being well.
Have a good trip and I hope the weather bucks up for you all.
There's usually a higher presence of Cops on the roads too, so beware!
We been a few times now I think this year will be our 6th.
We go via Poole as we meet up with the rest of our group, if they all make it there should be myself an Aston Martin DB7 V12, Maserati 3200, Porsche Cayman and an old 911 Carrera.
We go on the Thursday so we miss the worst of the traffic and we normally take a bit of a long route there to enjoy the roads and to stop off for something to eat.
We don't normally drive that fast on the way down, but that's not to say we don't have a little fun!!! On paper most of these cars are faster than mine but I know deep down mine is the one they don't want to get into a drag race with... With her mods she's a real wolf in sheep's!! I know it's childish but it is fun and after all what's the point in having all those horse under the hood if you don't let them out of the stable once in a while...
I'm not going this year, been every year since 2004, I hope to be there for the Porsche LMP1 debut in 2013, there are also unconfirmed rumours of Jaguar considering a return to the top table.
Last time I went to the race the GT40's were stuffing the Ferraris. I've been down the Mulsanne straight, flat out many a lorry. I got overtaken..........a the fast lads in their fast cars and then, without fail, they were there, in the trees, the gendarmes. They never bothered me, they were too busy with the quick fellas, I think the best I managed was 67mph (no limiters in those days)
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